Who We Are

NP2 Technologies is an IT service and Consultancy Company and we have been serving small and medium sized companies since 2012. Our business model focuses on having long term strategic relationship with our client by providing a combination of high quality and cost effective and timely delivery of solutions. We offer wide range of specialized business and custom software solutions designed to meet rapidly increasing market demands and customer – centric solutions to the highest standards of excellence.

Perfection is our goal.

Everything we do runs around the world of perfection. Perfection means perfect Quality, perfect Timing, perfect Coding Standards, perfect understanding of clients Requirements, perfect maintenance of our Work flow, perfect Testing, perfect Integration, perfect Deployment and last but not the least perfect Support.

  • We aim to portray the image in the customer’s mind on the screen, and for this we believe in investing more time in understanding clients current and future business ideas.
  • We believe in coding as per the coding standards so that any one can understand the flow of the code without struggle and anyone can take up work from any point without really spending much time in understanding the code.
  • We believe time waits for none and keeping that in mind we try to do things as per the defined timeline.
  • We believe in maintaining a proper flow of work as defined in the requirement documents so that everyone in team is aware what next to be taken up.
  • Pleasure in job puts perfection in work and so we believe in making work a pleasurable feeling, hence helping our team to attain perfection in everything they do.
  • We have dedicated team members for testing and they have proper understanding of the client's requirement  and accordingly prepare the test cases and do the testing. We have a good bug raising tool which helps in understanding proper flow of the bug and fast rectification of the bug.
  • We believe in integrating each module one by one, going through rounds of proper testing, this helps in reduction of risks of failure at very later state.

Perfection is broadly a state of completeness and flawlessness.


  • Mobile Applications
  • Embedded Software
  • Open Source
  • Business Intelligence
  • Website Design And Development

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